Chris "Gaff" Gaffney

And now, a little bit about me.  I was born in Vienna, Austria.  Lived there three months then moved to Livorno, Italy.  Of course my parents came with me, and yes, I was an Army brat.

We Moved to the USA when I was three years old to New York City.  That's where my dad, Frank was from.  He was very much into music as long as it was Sinatra or Dean Martin.  Enough said... (Yes he wore lampshades at parties. Who doesn't?)

I spent time between So Cal and Arizona as a boy.  Music never really occurred to me then because naturally sports took first priority.  I wanted so badly to be the Welterweight Champion of the world.  Sugar Ray Robinson was and still is my idol.  I was not him… end of that story.

And now for the hard hitting stuff.

My Favorites.

Color – purple

Singers – Otis Redding, Sonny Ozuna, Dan Penn and Brook Benton.  Okay, Ray Price!

Writers – Dan Penn, Burt Bacharach, Willie Nelson, John Steinbeck and Dave Alvin

Month – April, because it always brings hope.  I hate the cold…

Movies – Tommy Boy, Waiting For Guffman and Selena

I especially want to thank all the friends and fans that have supported the Hacienda Brothers.  It may sound corny, but we owe any success we have to you.

Thanks,  Gaff